What kind of boudoir session do you want? Boudoir experience is all about you and how you would like to see yourself and to be seen by others.  A great place to start is to look for what type of images you feel attracted to. Are you drawn to classy portraits? High fashion style? Or […]

Boudoir Photography

July 25, 2022

What Kind Of Boudoir Session Do You Want?

Lisset Galeyev Boudoir Photography

Kali is one of my favorite clients to work with! As you can tell this wasn’t her first session. Kali is a talented business owner, who runs a very busy medical aesthetics practice in Miami. This time around she was looking for a combination of a personal branding and boudoir session. And not just a […]

Boudoir Photography

April 25, 2022

Kali’s confident and sexy personal branding and boudoir session

Today we are going to talk about Boudoir Photography sessions and what it is like to be photographed by Miami Boudoir Photographer, Lisset Galeyev. You can see some of our work here. While boudoir photography can be defined as everyday women having sexy photos taken of themselves, for us it goes far beyond that. We look […]

Boudoir Photography

December 21, 2021

Boudoir Photography Sessions