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What is a beauty boudoir photography? 

It is a journey to self love, discovering your true self and a grand celebration of femininity. It is a session where you get to celebrate your body, your spirit, where you ultimately get to celebrate You! 
It is a present for you, where you get to be photographed in a beautiful style, whether it is in a gorgeous dress or lingerie. 

We include professional hair and make up with all of our sessions, so you can look stunning and drop dead gorgeous.


"This is the best gift I could have given myself. So empowering."
- Lisa A.

We are going to create a personalized magazine for you with you taking the spotlight.

Your magazine

The short answer is Yes, but if you are looking for an excuse to do this, here is a list of a few that our clients used:

- It is a gift to yourself, just because you deserve it
- It is your birthday. Whether you are turning 30, 25, 45, or 50 this is a great way to celebrate you
- It is a gift for your fiancee, perhaps you can surprise him with in the morning of your wedding day.
- It is a gift for someone you just started to date
- It is a gift for a partner you have been together with for over 20 years
- Perhaps it is a gift you give to yourself after getting divorced to celebrate your freedom


"My boyfriend loved the images. Talk about the best gift for Valentine's Day."
- Jessica M.

Miami Experience
- Professional Hair & Makeup
- Wardrobe
- 2 Hour In Studio Session
- Instant Photo Selection
- Private Studio
- Photographer's Time And Talent
- Multiple Wardrobe Changes

* Image Packages Purchased Separately

Experience & Pricing 

This is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Our sessions range from fully clothed classic and elegant looks to more steamy and sexy sets. Maybe you would like to keep this in a beautiful "for your eyes only" album, or perhaps would like to display this as an empowering and inspiring wall art at your home. All of these things would be taken into consideration as design your session.

Do i need to be fully naked? 

Your privacy and confidence is our priority and will never share any of your images without your prior written consent. In addition we work with industry leading professional photography labs to safeguard from any unauthorized reproductions. 

will my images be on the internet?

I'm not the average girl from your video, and I ain't a supermodel, but I learned to love myself unconditionally because I am a queen. - India Arie

We are not going to stop you from losing weight, but we can tell you that between tasteful poses, professional light and artistic retouching 10-15 pounds will not make a difference. 

do i need to lose weight? 

We offer a full wardrobe consultation and will use a combination of our line of beautiful dresses, along with some of your lingerie favorites. 

what to wear?

Professional boudoir photography studio with everything to make you feel and look beautiful, comfortable and sexy. We are located at 2614 SW 8TH ST, Miami, FL 33132

miami studio 

"I gifted my boudoir album to my husband on our wedding day. We both were so excited."
- Susie R.

"I was so nervous for my boudoir session, but Lisset made it so easy and fun."
- Isabella T.

Live In The Moment You'll Never Forget


You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life.
- Coco Chanel

Wow! Just wow! Lisset has taken such amazing photos of me. It was such an empowering experience to do this for myself. Now I start my every morning by looking at a portrait of a confident and sexy woman, who happens to be ME! Love it so much! Thank you!

- Vanessa B.

"A portrait of a confident and sexy woman, who happens to be ME!"

My name is Lisset Galeyev. 

I was born in Cuba, raised in Lisbon, Portugal and I made my home in the city of eternal summer, Miami. Being a trilingual photographer, fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, makes it easy and pleasant to work with clients from many countries as they visit Miami, FL.

Furthermore, I love empowering women to believe in themselves, to show them how beautiful they are, to ignite their confidence, so they can live their best lives!

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