Lisset Galeyev Photography is proud to offer a truly elevated experience for expectant mothers and their newborns in Miami. Our maternity and newborn portraits are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that every moment is captured in its full glory. As a mother-to-be, there is no need for additional stress in […]

Maternity, Newborn

April 1, 2023

Maternity & Newborn Portraits

Maternity and Newborn Portrait Sessions are my specialty.  My goal has always been to record these moments for families, so we can freeze these unique and tender times. Even if it is your first, second or third pregnancy… this particular experience and this unique time with your newly born son or daughter will never come […]

Maternity, Newborn

February 23, 2023

Maternity and Newborn Portrait Sessions

Welcome to Lisset Galeyev Photography Studio in Miami! We are excited to share our love for capturing the beauty and wonder of motherhood with you. There is something truly magical about the journey from belly to baby. It’s a time of transformation, both physically and emotionally, and it’s one that we believe is worth documenting. […]

Maternity, Newborn

January 28, 2023

From Belly to Baby: Documenting Your Journey Through Maternity and Newborn Photography

Welcome to Lisset Galeyev Newborn Photography, the studio where we make even the grumpiest of babies look like little models. And trust us, we’ve seen some grumpy babies in our time. But don’t just take our word for it, hundreds of moms in Miami trust us with their precious little ones and we’re about to […]


January 26, 2023

Lisset Galeyev Newborn Photography

Lisset Galeyev is a highly skilled and experienced newborn photographer based in Miami. She has a reputation for being the best in the industry and has been affectionately referred to as a “baby whisperer” by many of her clients. Newborn photography is a delicate and challenging task that requires a high level of skill and […]


January 12, 2023

Best Newborn Photographer in Miami

Best Newborn Photographer in Miami

Newborn photography captures the beauty and innocence of your baby during their first few weeks of life. It’s a special time that passes all too quickly, and newborn photography freezes these precious memories for you to look back on and cherish for a lifetime. Here are 10 reasons why every family should do a newborn […]


January 9, 2023

10 Reasons To Do A Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn photography is a special and often overlooked form of photography. These tiny, fragile beings grow and change so quickly, and it’s important to capture these fleeting moments while they’re still so new and innocent. Newborn photos are more than just a way to document your child’s early days. They’re a way to freeze time […]


January 6, 2023

Newborn Photography (Miami, FL)

Miami Newborn Photographer