MIAMI family portrait


by lisset galeyev

experience a family portrait session unlike any other

experience a family portrait session unlike any other

what makes the portrait experience unique?

"The only place where you discover meaning behind every family portrait."

When you go to a Michelin Star Rated restaurant it is unlikely that you would get surprised that the chef knows how to cook. Nor would you care to know the temperature your food was cooked at. What matters is that you get the experience that speaks to your senses and enriches your spirit. 

Same applies to working with us. You will receive portraits that will light up your house and your heart with love and meaning.

So that every time your children look at the portraits they are filled with knowledge that they are loved and that they can achieve anything. 

This is what you are really looking for. 

Leave the magic to us... 

You feel like a celebrity because... Our family portrait is a treasure to us for a lifetime. She captured moments that I will never forget. If you're thinking about going anywhere else, DONT. Lisset is the best in Miami. I can't wait to work with her again.

- Brandie

"Lisset is a dream
to work with"

Trusted by hundreds of families across south florida 

Lisset is an amazing professional, so talented and so nice and flexible to work with.
Her studio is really elegant and charming. The images are beyond beautiful. If you are looking for a great photographer, look no further.

- Karolina

"The experience was absolutely fantastic"


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I loved my experience with Lisset! She always treated me like a friend she knew for years!
I am so in love with every single picture I have in my album. I recommend Lisset hands down and without hesitation.

- Yeleny

"I looked like a beautiful model"


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What's included in the portrait experience? 

- Creative consultation at our studio
- Full wardrobe guidance 
- Conceptual design of your session
- 1.5 hour studio time
- Album and wall art design services

to book your family portrait session 

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Stop them in their tracks with larger than life wall art that commands the attention it deserves. Choose from variety of art gallery style and quality wall displays produced by the best European U.S. labs. 

Our exquisite album collection is designed as with luxurious finishes to withstand the test of time. From elegant and timeless designs, to unmatched quality these albums will be a treasured keepsake in your family for many years to come.

We promise that your images will be so good that you'll be tempted to buy them all! 

WHY Family portrait, WHY US & WHY NOW?  

One day in the future, your children will be grown up. They will grow up to be beautiful human beings in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. 

While that is incredibly exciting, we want you to make the most of the family experience while you are together. 

We help families celebrate the love and connection they share

Let's celebrate the love and connection that you family has. 

Help us tell your family story. The story that you would like to remember when you are 90. 

We help families deepen their appreciation for each family member, recognize and see the uniqueness and depth of every connection.

All through beautiful, authentic portraits and real stories. 

This is your chance to freeze the time.

who is the portrait experience for?

We have photographed stunning images of families of different sizes; families with different tastes, from different backgrounds and with different views of life. 

The Lisset Galeyev Photography experience is an exciting, indulgent adventure, custom tailored and focused on YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

Think about how you want to be captured, what does your family legacy look like? 

Our passion is to take the every-day families and create an unforgettable celebrity-style, magazine photoshoot experience filled with meaning and positive emotions. 

It's about about so much more than just "taking pretty pictures." Our hope is for your family to strengthen the relationship and your love, for your children to grow up confident that they are loved no matter what. 

2. CREATIVE Consultation: Wardrobe & Styling

1. discovery call

3. Professional Makeover

4. Celebrity Style Photo Session

Complete custom photo session design.
Advice on colors, styling, and fit.
Full Access to our Style Closet - you may wear any of the couture pieces in our studio wardrobe during your session.

In depth discovery call to understand your family story, unique connections and family rituals that make your family uniquely yours. 
This is the foundation of the entire process as it will be used to design and conceptualize your session.

Camera-ready make-up application by a professional make-up artist.

Glammed up or natural / refined, it's all up to you! All for picture perfect results!

Celebrity family for a day! You will enjoy a fully, expertly guided magazine-style photoshoot.
Not photogenic? Nonsense! It is not your job to be. We've got you! It is our job to make you feel comfortable and stunning. 
Your kids can't sit still? They may not need to. We have years of experience with working with children and families.
Get ready to rock this!

to book your family portrait session 

Fill out the form below & we'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your creative consultation.


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$200 Off

maternity & newborn

(when booked together)

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November 17, 2022


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